Sunday, July 14, 2013

Race Report - Unitec Run Series #1

Today I jumped in the deep end and did a 5km race!  Lately I have been running 30 mins with no ITB problems so I decided to enter the first race in the Unitec Run/Walk series, thinking I was 'just going to take it easy'.  That is much easier said than done in a race!

The Unitec Run/Walk series is the official lead up series for the adidas Auckland Marathon/Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon, and I was expecting a bigger turnout than there was today.  But it was a cold windy Sunday morning and so I suppose it was only the craziest most intrepid runners who turned up.

I shed my outer layers and as I dumped them on my husband I thought I was going to freeze wearing just a skirt and T-shirt, but was OK once I started running.  I really don't like getting hot when I run so I always tend to under dress, but today I could have done with some long sleeves and long tights.

The course was a 2.5km loop around the Unitec Campus in Mt Albert, and you run 1-4 laps depending on the marathon event you are entered in.  There was a lot of gradual downhill (nice) and a couple of steeper but short hills towards the end of the lap (not so nice), so it was quite a good course really.  On the second lap I found the steepest hill hard going and briefly thought of walking, but I concentrated on my breathing instead and that got me through.  Once I recovered from that I felt strong to the finish, which just goes to show that most of it is all in my head!

My main aim was to run under 30 mins, my hopeful aim was to run under 28 mins, and I achieved somewhere in between at 28:39 - that's a PB for me so I'll take it!  The stats - average pace 5:45, 18/125 females and 62/215 overall.  My SportWatch recorded 4.98km, so I guess cutting all those tangents saved me 20 metres!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting another local blogger - Jody from kreacher's little corner.  She's much speedier than me and finished as 6th female - awesome stuff (and great to meet you Jody, I look forward to many more!)

After the race we were supplied with bagels, bananas and Powerade, and most people were in a bit of a rush to getaway as it was cold and windy.  When I got home I untied my shoelaces and there was my timing chip still attached - I had totally missed the drop off box.  Just as well we don't live too far away...!

Overall it was a good race, except the person at registration didn't give me my change so I paid dearly for the race (OK - I didn't realise at the time, but I wasn't the one on duty...), and I think the transponder return box should be more obvious as idiots like me completely forget in their post-race daze.  Total sport have a great system where you can't exit the finishing corral without handing it in, and that really suits my mental state after a race!

The next race in the series for half-marathon entrants like me is a 10km in 3 weeks time.  Since my leg is behaving nicely with no niggles, I expect to be there!

Did you race this weekend?
Were you at Unitec too?
Did you get a PB?


  1. It was good to meet you! You may have missed the timer chip drop off, but at least you remembered to stop your watch timer ;)

  2. Congrats on a good race! Wow-cold and windy sounds so good right about now as it is so hot and humid here :)

  3. Congrats on not only finishing the race (after the ITB problems you've had), but getting a PB, too!

  4. AnonymousJuly 15, 2013

    Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear your knee feels strong enough to race! Can't wait to read about your 10k in a few weeks.

  5. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    Sounds like fun! Glad your knee is doing better!


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