Sunday, April 5, 2015

Catch-up time!

Or should I title this blog post 'Happy New Year'?  It actually has been that long since I last said hello!

Numerous drafts in varying stages of completion currently clutter my blog post folder, so instead of finishing up all those half-done stories about rather out-of-date happenings, I'll combine them all into a vaguely chronological list with plenty of photos - how does that sound?!

  • First up, we had an amazing holiday in the South Island over Christmas and New Year:
Shotover Jet

Moke Lake track

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Gunn

Milford Sound

Homer Tunnel

Lake Te Anau

Kepler Track

Lake Pukaki and Aoraki/Mt Cook

Mueller Hut track

Aoraki/Mt Cook

Mt Sefton
  • The start of 2015 marked my third runiversary, and new year equals a new training diary.  It's interesting reading back on some of my comments!

  • Last year I joined the YMCA Marathon Club, and have been running with them on their Sunday morning pack runs.  The long distances are much easier in good company, and I'm much less inclined to stop.

  • I won something!  New Zealand sportswear brand Kori Kita had a facebook competition to post a holiday workout photo, so I posted one of me running up Ben Lomond in Queenstown, and I won an awesome blue Fast Moves running skirt which is now a firm favourite.  I hope to post a review soon.

  • I'm back to running 5 days a week.  Most has been on roads around the city, but I like to duck down any of the trails that are prolific around our urban parks and coastline for a little light relief, or a tough climb as is often the case! They are all over the place once you care to look.

  • I have a new 10km PB of 56:45!  To be truthful it was actually a 9.8km race so add another minute for the extra 200m, but this is still a 1 minute improvement over my previous best in the same race. I know I can do better than this too!
  • Last weekend I ran the Whenuapai Half Marathon in 2:12:24.  About 2 mins off my PB, but I'm OK with that.  I hadn't done speedwork or tapered and it was really a training run.  It started off raining but on a positive note I got to test out all my gear for potential chafing and blister spots!

  • Bit of a sore knee since Tuesday, so had some physio and I'm working hard on my glutes and VMO and it DEFINITELY IS going to go away shortly because...
  • I'm running my first marathon at Rotorua on 2 May!  Initially I had planned to run my first marathon in Auckland in November, but after running alongside some encouraging club runners training for Rotorua, and coping well with the workload to date (ignore that little knee issue that's just popped up...), I have committed.  I am excited and apprehensive. Wish me luck!  

Hoping you have all had a great year so far!  


  1. Congrats on signing up for your first marathon, looks like running is going good for you. I was just thinking about you not too long ago wondering if you were still blogging. I have a cousin who just moved down there on a 2 year work visa, He is loving Auckland so far.

    1. It is exciting, but I hope my knee issue dies down soon!
      Glad to hear your cousin is having a good time here - I hope he gets to travel around the country too!

  2. How exciting to be run your first marathon soon! Congrats on your race times and skirt win! Great photos!

    1. Thanks Tina, I've learnt so much reading your blog, with all your tips and experiences!

  3. A 'Happy New Year' to you too. Running your first marathon in my home town. Good on you. If I had to choose the best pic ... it would be the Lake Te Anau shot. Nice work.

    1. I hear Rotorua's a toughie, but why not?! Thanks for your race report which was helpful. I'm glad you like the Lake Te Anau shot - that's my home town :)

  4. SO much good stuff....and photos that make me drool. I HAVE to come to NZ. Hope you'll start blogging more soon too :)

    1. Yes you will have to come one day, and visit me, we have a Jacaranda tree in our garden :)

  5. Gorgeous photos!! Maybe Cathryn and I can take a trip together to visit you, and make you take us on scenic trail runs. :) Good luck with your marathon!

    1. That sounds like awesome fun!!


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